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by | Feb 3, 2024

Then Moses took them from their hands and burned them on the altar, on the burnt offering. They were consecration offerings for a sweet aroma. That was an offering made by fire to the Lord.” –Leviticus 8:28 NKJV

All of the offerings required a great deal of sacrifice on the part of God‘s people, on the part of the priests. First, was the sacrifice of the animals that were offered. Second, the sacrifice of time that it took to handle all of the offerings as God instructed. Third, the sacrifice of energy, effort, and work that it took to prepare, bring, and offer them up to God. Fourth, the sacrifice of self and denial of their own opinions, ideas, and human reasoning. They could not offer to God what made sense to them or what was convenient or what their personal preference desired. Nadab and Abihu tried that, and it did not go well for them.

Interestingly, today, we are called to be the priests of God. Every son and daughter of God is called to worship and serve Him as priests. Yet, we have a false idea that we can just worship Him whenever we feel like it, if we feel like it, in whatever way we feel like, when it’s convenient and doesn’t require much sacrifice on our part. Sadly, many Christians today are so full of self that we think it’s all about us, it’s all about what we want… And what’s comfortable to us.
I am inspired once again, as I read through Leviticus, that I will not offer up to God anything that cost me nothing. The offerings that were sacrificed by fire were a pleasing aroma to God. Fire always costs us something. As priests unto the Lord, we must bring before Him offerings that mean something and not throw to Him or offer up to Him what’s convenient and requires the least amount of effort on my part.

Written by Kelly Hudnall

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