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by | Oct 19, 2021

I love this picture of four of our own Radiant Holy Rebel warriors. This picture will now remain in my office and in my prayer closet to inspire me to pray daily for these mighty warriors and this generation of youth. The moment I saw this picture, I was taken back to the vivid memory of an encounter with God in my prayer closet and the prayer I began to pray several years ago. About 3 years ago The Holy Spirit gave me a prayer mandate for the times we are living in today. I had shut myself up, alone with Him, in the closet, and I was crying out on behalf of this generation of youth and children who are growing up in such gross darkness. Tears poured out of me like rivers as I agonized in prayer for these precious, little ones who are being educated and indoctrinated with hell’s agenda in all facets of society. The perverted, demonic messages of hell are constantly pouring into them through public education, literature, entertainment, music, media, and the relentless flow of immorality and wickedness that they carry with them all day long through technology. I cried out, “Lord, we don’t know what to do, but our eyes are on You! Please show us what to do and show us how to pray specific, targeted prayers for this generation of youth in this time of great darkness.” 

Prayer and intercession continued to flow out of my heart, until a holy, stillness came over me. His Presence seemed to become tangible in that closet and I knew I needed to be silent and wait to hear Him speak. The message He gave me, took my breath away, and it changed my life and my prayers forever. The Lord spoke to me that day in His still, small, powerful voice and I will never forget it. The message was so clear, “Pray for a holy rebellion to be awakened and stirred in the hearts of My people and in the hearts of this generation of youth. Pray that they will rebel against hell’s agenda of darkness, evil and perversion with My weapons of righteousness, holiness, and Truth.”  

That message from the prayer closet came several years ago and I continue to pray it daily. Today, I’m asking you to join with us in this holy rebellion against hell by praying this prayer over yourself, your family, your church…and over the people in your nation. We are in a war against the powers of hell and the battle begins on our knees, in our prayer closets and war rooms; with prayer and intercession. We dare not proceed to march out into the battle without first, engaging in prayer and seeking God’s wisdom, direction and counsel. I plead with you, to never think of going into this battle without first spending time in “the secret place” (Psalm 91) with your Commander and Chief. 

One day, I overheard our daughter Faith praying for her generation and I wrote down the words I heard her pray because I didn’t want to forget. This is what she said, “God, I pray that my generation would lose our appetite for sin and worldliness, and darkness…and that we would turn from carnality, and desire You God! Stir up a passion in my generation to Hunger for Your Truth and for Your Presence!” 

When I heard our teenage daughter praying like this for her generation; I was overwhelmed by The Holy Spirit. The Holy Rebellion has begun. When teenagers begin praying prayers like this, for themselves and for their generation; get ready! Get ready for a move of God! Let’s all join in His Holy rebellion together, daily, as we cry out with prayers like this to shape our lives, our families, our churches, and shake our cities, our nation and our world! This is where it all begins. It begins with you and me right now! Holy Rebel Warriors, we must rebel against hell at every front with God’s weapons of righteousness, holiness, and Truth. 

Holy Rebel Warrior,

Pastor Kelly Hudnall

Written by Kelly Hudnall

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