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Time to Rise Up and Build


by | Oct 4, 2022

Time to Rise Up and Build (Neh. 2:18)

 This past weekend I was excited to announce that the leadership at Radiant Church believes the Lord is telling us, now is the time to expand our North Campus.  

 With the large increase in construction prices in the past couple years, the expansion of our North Campus is now estimated to be an $11,685,000 project. Below is a breakdown of the numbers we have presented. 

Total Project Costs $11,685,000 

Funds Available 

Kingdom Impact Funds $   4,400,000

Cash Reserves $   1,500,000

Loan Required $   5,250,000

Remainder Needed $      535,000

These numbers have been slightly adjusted from the Sunday message to reflect updated realities. Following the Saturday night service, a Radiant couple committed to give $35,000 to finish out the East Entrance Gathering area. A project that wasn’t included in the plans presented. That leaves a needed $500,000. 

Radiant Church needs to raise at least $500,000 over the next 18 months to be able to complete the project. Yet personally I’d like to see us raise $750,000, to not only complete the project, but to bring our loan amount down to $5 million. 

Monday, Kelly, and I met with a couple who just recently started attending Radiant. They heard the vision message and this generous coupled wanted to challenge our congregation with a $100,000 match. Between now and October 20th, they will match any moneys given toward the project, up to $100,000. Therefore, in addition to receiving commitments, we are challenging everyone to bring a special cash offering this Sunday toward the project in order to meet the match.  

I love how this couple caught the vision and challenged our congregation to raise the needed funds sooner rather than waiting 18 months. It encouraged Kelly and I to give a larger initial cash gift than we’d planned to give. I praise God for that. 

The Lord has been speaking to us about the urgency of the time we’re in. As Kelly shared this weekend, the harvest is bigger than we can imagine! It’s time to reach the lost, it’s time to see the prodigals come home, it’s time to grow more passionate followers of Jesus Christ, and it’s time to rise up and build!

In addition, Radiant Central needs to raise $100,000 during this time to complete an upgrade of the Rads Kid’s Worship Center. Ideally, they would like to raise $200k to do all the needed improvements to the Central Campus and our Woodland Park campus would like to raise $15k for improvements of their campus. Altogether, I’d like our church family to believe God for a $1 million financial miracle over the next 18 months. If you’d like to be a part, you can designate your gift to any of our three campuses building funds.  

Would you please pray with us for the following:

  1. A $1 million financial miracle (above our regularly giving) over the next 18-months. 
  2. Please ask the Lord what He would have you do to meet this need?
  3. Favorable bids, as we put the project back out to bid. Right now, our numbers are an educated estimate until bids are received.
  4. Let’s pray that construction costs will fall, and we will receive better than expected prices on concrete, steel, and other required construction commodities. 
  5. Please pray the project will be completed within the next 18-months, and Radiant North will be able to hold 2024 Easter services in the new facility. 

 If you or someone you know would be interested in bidding on the project, please email 

 These are exciting time. Let’s trust God to provide everything need to fulfill His vision for Radiant Church. 



Pastor Todd


Weekend Message –

Written by Todd Hudnall

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