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Another Miracle


by | Aug 30, 2022

We continue to GIVE God praise for the abundant healings and testimonies! This is a powerful and encouraging testimony from Benny Chilcutt. We hope you enjoy reading this powerful testimony and give God all deserving praise!

Pastors Todd & Kelly

“In June 2021, my Urologist had me do a PET Scan that the local doctors believed showed metastatic prostate cancer, and I was placed on powerful medication. However, I chose to get a second opinion from a doctor at The Mayo Clinic, who recommended that I stop all medication at the end of December 2021, which I did.
My local Doctor had me take a blood draw in May and June 2022 to determine my PSA. It had gone up a small amount, but because it had doubled in less than three months, he ordered a PSMA scan for me to undergo on August 12. My Mayo Clinic Doctor has interpreted the scan to show no metastatic disease.
I believe GOD healed me from stage IV prostate cancer! The Sunday, Pastor Todd put his hands on me and prayed for healing for me; a lady with tears running down her face told me she saw healing come on me as Pastor Todd prayed over me.
I am convinced that GOD healed me from stage IV prostate cancer! I am so thankful to GOD for healing me and the faithfulness of Radiant Church continuing to believe in God-sized miracles!”

Benny, a thankful child of a Loving God

Written by Todd Hudnall

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