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Biblical Citizens


by | Mar 1, 2022

“There is a satanically inspired lie that has infiltrated God’s people and led them to believe that Christians should be silent concerning anything going on in our nation’s government. This mentality is not Biblical, it is demonic.”

We are called by God to be Biblical Citizens in our nation and in our world today.
We cannot be silent and shrink back into the shadows, hiding and hoping that things will work out in our nation and in our world. Jesus said, “you are the light of the world…you are the salt of the earth…”. He explained that you don’t put a light under a basket and hide it. You put it out in the darkness to shine and overcome the darkness. In a similar manner, salt is not to be contained inside of a salt shaker. He said you are the salt of the EARTH. In order for salt to be effective, it must be worked into the soil.

Why then are so many Christians and Christian leaders today choosing to hide the light and keep the salt safe and sound, inside the confines of the church? Just as salt and light cannot be effective when contained; we cannot be effective Biblical Citizens and stay quiet, hidden and unresponsive. What good are we if we are too afraid to stand up, speak up and overcome the darkness in our nation, world and culture?

We must BE SALT AND LIGHT now! I want to shout it from the mountain tops: wake up church! Wake up you sons and daughters of God! Wake up before it’s too late! Satan’s deceptive agenda has crept into the churches and has brainwashed many Christians in America today. There is a satanically inspired lie that has infiltrated God’s people and led them to believe that Christians should be silent concerning anything going on in our nation’s government. This mentality is not Biblical, it is demonic.

The reason our nation is in such turmoil, darkness, confusion and corruption, is due to a silent, apathetic, weak, worldly church. God forgive us of our sins of apathy, complacency and compromise! Forgive us for caring so much about ourselves and what people might think about us, that we refuse to be salt and light. We have been disobedient, rebellious children, who fear man more than we revere, honor and fear The Lord. It is the church, the body of Christ, who was/is called to BE THE LIGHT of the world. Yet, we have dimmed our light, we have tried to blend in with the culture, and hide in the shadows in silence. We must repent and come out of the darkness.

The powers of darkness are not silent. The forces of hell are marching on, taking more and more ground, influencing our children and youth away from God and drawing them into darkness. I for one, will not be silent. I will not sit idly by and allow hell’s schemes through this radical liberal, leftist agenda prevail. This is NOT POLITICAL this is a war of good against evil, light against darkness, Truth against lies. Wake up Christian, and realize that we are in a real war today against the demonic agenda of hell; and hiding behind a curtain of religion that tells you to keep silent, is deadly. We must fight the good fight of faith for the sake of the lost, our children, our grandchildren and future generations.

This means that in order to be salt and light; and in order to be Biblical citizens
WE MUST SPEAK UP AGAINST THIS RADICAL AGENDA OF THE LEFT. It doesn’t matter what political party you have been a part of in the past. This is no longer political, it is a war against the powers of hell that are destroying America. Americans must have their eyes wide open to what this new Democratic Party wants to do. The Democratic party is not the party it has been in the past. This party has completely sold its soul to the devil and it is clearly evident to anyone who is paying attention. Yes, I just said that; because I fear God and not man. He has called me to sound the alarm, because surprisingly many are still asleep.
The democratic party of today is clearly and without a doubt a Socialist party, a Marxist party. They do not believe in the principles of the founding of this country. They abhor the principles of the founding of this country that I happen to love and thank God for. Leaders of CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference), Mercedes and Matt Schlapp stated the current reality of the democratic party, “They have declared war on faith, war on religious freedom and war on the family. Our own attorney general has declared parents, ‘domestic terrorists’.” If you are a parent who wants to know what your kids are being taught in school, and you get involved with taking a stand and voicing your values and opinions about it, you are considered a threat by the modern day democratic party. This administration wants parents to stay out of education and trust the government infiltrated and controlled public education system with their kids. The real truth is that the left wants your kids and they will return them to you at 18 years old with their values. Anyone who doesn’t see this, is asleep.

I realize that many times we don’t want to be awakened. Sleeping is so nice, comfy and cozy. We can become very angry with those who disturb our sleep. And you may be angry with me right now. That’s okay. I’m a big girl and I can take it. I would rather stand for God and be judged by the world, than stand with the world and be judged by God. Please wake up, pray up, stand up and speak up in this time of great darkness and deception. If God’s army continues to sleep, hell’s armies will continue to steal, slaughter and destroy (John 10:10).

Parents, pay attention, ask questions, get involved in what your kids are being taught in school. Talk to your kids about what they are experiencing at school. Don’t wait for your kids to talk to you, you must sit with them, make time for them, talk to them. They are your most important mission while they are still in your home. Pray and ask The Lord for His wisdom and counsel! He will direct your steps.

Our kids have been in the public education system since Kindergarten. For the last eleven years I have said that I do not feel called by God to be a homeschool mom. However, I have always added this addendum: if God does call me to homeschool my children, I will trust Him and obey Him. We have had a really great experience in the school our kids have been in until the past couple of years. In the past two years our eyes have been opened to the demonic agenda of hell to desensitize today’s youth to immorality, sin, darkness…and even subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) infiltrate their minds with the secular anti-Christ views of the world and culture.

One example (of many) is the required reading and literature for today’s High School students. The required reading list in our daughter’s 10th grade English class was appalling. The required book list for the semester was filled with blasphemy; and when I say “filled with blasphemy” that is not an exaggeration. Our 16 year old daughter began reading her assigned literature and I will not easily forget how troubled she looked when she slowly walked into the room where I was working. She said, “Mom, can I talk to you?” Then she asked me to read the first few pages of the book she was required to read. It was filled with blasphemy and profanity. Faith continued, “Mom, I get it, that people who don’t know God, use His Name in vain and I can deal with hearing it or seeing it at times, and every time I do, it hurts my heart.” Faith went on to explain further, “But mom, what concerns me about reading so much blasphemy, is that at some point, it won’t hurt my heart anymore because I will be so used to it, and I don’t ever want that to happen.” Well, that instigated an investigation on my part. I skimmed through the book and I began researching all of the books on her required research list. I was absolutely sickened to learn that most of her required reading was filled with blasphemy, profanity, sexual immorality, wickedness, drunkenness, vile behavior, and sexual content that we would never allow to be viewed or read in our home. Proverbs 4:23 tells us “above all else guard your heart because out of it, flow the issues of life.” The Scripture also instructs us to “set no evil thing before our eyes” (Psalm 101:3) and to not even “talk about the evil deeds done in darkness” (Eph 5:11-14). As parents, we are obligated to guard our children’s hearts while they are young and teach them to do the same. Then we send them to the public school house where hell’s agenda is to infiltrate their hearts with darkness, immorality, perversion and corruption. This is a demonic agenda of hell. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of darkness. I know that there are many amazing and wonderful teachers and administrators that are standing against this but sadly, they are rare and hard to find. If you are one of those great teachers who is being light in the darkness, please understand that I am not talking about you. We need more teachers like you, who stand against the darkness and go against the flow of the liberal, leftist agenda. Hell’s strategy is to take over their hearts and minds by desensitizing them to sin, wickedness and blasphemy. Little by little, like the frog in the kettle, the demonic scheme is to break down those guards around their hearts and make what is evil seem normal, then acceptable, and ultimately call what is evil good, and what is good evil. We must be the light in the darkness now!

Recently one of our Radiant students sent me pictures of the gay pride flags on every single classroom door in her school. The gay pride flag has prominently replaced the American flag in many of our schools today. Yet, the church is largely silent. We continue to send our precious kids into the realm of darkness and pray that they will survive. I understand that as adult Christians, we should be mature, strong and solid in our faith so that we can go into the darkness and stand firm. Yet, to send our children into the hands of the liberal, leftist agenda that is driven by demons, is foolish. As a pastor I cannot be silent. I must speak out and plead with parents to engage, pray, speak up and do whatever The Lord instructs you to do. But DO NOT be silent. Do not shrink back in fear and intimidation. Do not send your kids to the wolves. As for me and Pastor Todd, we prayed and sought The Lord for His counsel and we knew that we could not send our kids to classes where they will be desensitized to God’s Truth and “educated” with the anti-God, anti-Biblical values that are being driven into culture. Let your voice be heard loud and clear. Do not be silent.

We must awaken and stand against this radical leftist liberal agenda before it’s too late!

Pastor Kelly Hudnall

Written by Kelly Hudnall

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