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The Globalist Agenda explained from a Biblical Perspective


by | Mar 8, 2022

Surely by now, we’ve all heard more than we ever desired to hear and know about the globalist elites and their diabolical agenda. But, for anyone who still feels in the dark about this, I recently watched an interview with Pastor Jack Hibbs and Charlie Kirk. I found this interview very informative and helpful to Biblical citizens like myself, Pastor Todd, our church family, and those who are followers of Christ. The interview is one hour and 30 minutes long, but well worth the listen. The content of this interview with these two men of God is important for us to understand in order to be battle ready. I took notes and condensed them for every Biblical Citizen who is following God into the battle with His weapons of righteousness, holiness, and Truth. We cannot be ignorant in conducting spiritual warfare. We must take time to seek The Lord and understand the strategy of the enemy as we go to war. This blog contains pertinent information from Pastor Hibbs’ interview. I pray the Lord will speak to you as you read and that He will fill you with His wisdom on how to continue to stand firm and keep fighting the good fight of faith.

First off, Charlie Kirk describes globalists as people who do not believe in God and they do not believe in the sovereignty of nations. They do not believe in borders. They believe the entire world must come together in a borderless society for a one world, global government. Globalists want to remove God, remove those who believe in God because they look at themselves as gods and they want to be in control. Globalists are narcissists who have a Satanic desire, drive, or passion to come together as little gods to control the world. This isn’t a sci-fi movie. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. This is truly happening today and has been happening for many years. Yet, few people were concerned as long as America remained strong and our economy continued to be strong. Until now, the globalist agenda seemed too unbelievable to be true.

Until the perfect storm of a worldwide pandemic (now being called a “plan-demic”) they knew where they were and where they wanted to go but couldn’t really get there. Now they have Klaus Schwab (the ultimate power hungry narcissist) leading the way as chairman of the world international global forum. The end goal of the Globalist strategy is to bring humanity into a one world government that the globalist elites can control. Every year, the GEF Global Economic Forum meets in Switzerland to plan out their war strategy, while most of humanity sleeps and is completely unaware. The GEF strategy is called The Great Reset, but they had a monumental question to resolve before they could move forward: How do we reset something if it’s not broken? They knew that in order to bring about this global reset that they would have to first break it down and destroy what now exists. The past two years we have been living through their strategy to break our society through the pandemic, through mask mandates, vaccine mandates, shut downs, takeovers, and cancel culture.

A major obstacle in the GEF’s agenda has been America. America stands in the way of the Great Reset. America is the “bone that is stuck in the throat” of this Satanic global strategy. Pre-Covid, it seemed impossible to accomplish this one world, global order. Yet, post-Covid, we see how things can change globally overnight. The globalists have come together to weaken the nation that stands most prominently in the way of the Great Reset. America is that nation. Joe Biden is a pawn in the hands of the globalist demagogues. What they are doing is evil. This globalist movement is evil. Yet, they have convinced themselves that what they are doing is right and good. Pastor Hibbs reminds us that Stalin also believed that what he was doing was right and good.

Unfortunately, Americans have been asleep while this war has been waging behind the scenes. Yet, now that gas is $6 a gallon in California and inflation is accelerating daily around the nation, we feel the pain and America is waking up to this evil agenda. The globalists are behind the scenes, working tirelessly to eradicate the economy in order to accomplish their Great Reset agenda. As prices go up and up and up… you are experiencing the ramifications of the Great Reset. A strong American dollar stands in the way of the globalists’ agenda, so they must destroy America’s economy in order to move forward with their plan. The environmental, Green New Deal is part of this plan.

None of this is shared to scare anyone. As followers of Jesus, we fear nothing but God. He has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind. And a sound mind understands and seeks to gain wisdom concerning our current situation. The Lord Jehovah Nissi will lead us to victory. The Bible teaches, “we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers of darkness”. This battle is real, and it is intensifying daily. We must be battle ready and we must keep our eyes on our Lord. He is The Lord our Victor! We must continue to fight the good fight of faith for freedom, liberty, righteousness, and Truth. Ignorance is not bliss so we watch and pray and march as praise filled warriors.

Interestingly, the Global Economic Forum has made public their concerted goals for humanity by 2030. I have listed them below:

The 8 Goals of the World Economic Forum (By 2030):
They stated Covid would be the means by which they get it done.

1) You will own nothing, and you will be happy
a. To be clear: the globalist leaders will own it all
b. The people will own nothing

2) The U.S. will no longer be the world’s super power
a. The globalists must be the world’s superpower

3) You won’t die waiting for an organ donor
a. They will have the technology to create organs
b. And determine who gets them

4) You will eat less meat
a. Many of the globalists believe eating an animal is injustice
b. Many believe that animals releasing gas, is harming the environment
c. They want to control what humanity can eat

5) A billion people will be displaced by climate change
a. Depopulation is a goal of many globalists

6) You could be preparing to go to Mars

7) Western Values will have been tested to their breaking point
a. Judeo-Christian values and teaching
b. Biblical values are in their cross hairs “Western Values” is code for Biblical values
c. Major persecution of Christians
d. You cannot have a Great Reset if parents have strong connections w/kids
e. Doing all they can to break the 10 Commandments
f. Make it acceptable and even glorify breaking the 10 commandments
i. They will call evil good and good evil

8) Fossil fuel will be obsolete

You can watch the entire interview on YouTube
Mario Murillo called me today as I was writing this blog. He simply called to encourage us and remind us that the Lord is with us and that He is more than enough. Mario continued to encourage us with the message that we are in a battle, but the joy of The Lord is our strength. Be encouraged. We are indeed in a war, but the Lord Jehovah Nissi is leading us to Victory. These may indeed be the worst of times and the best of times because God is moving in power and demonstration. We are seeing miracles around us every day. God’s glory is exploding amid those who are hungry and seeking after HIM. So look up and be encouraged. Put on garments of high praise for the spirit of heaviness and let’s keep marching in His joy as praise filled warriors. 

Pastor Kelly Hudnall

Written by Kelly Hudnall

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  1. Tonya Shanahan

    Thank you for highlighting the main points of the WEF in this blog. About a year and a half go, I came across this very agenda through a different resource. I now realize the Lord directed me to it. I shared this evil strategy then with my older children, but their looks said it all. As the Lord says, I will not look to their faces for approval. I will continue to pray against this demonic agenda. So many lost souls need Jesus still, and the Lord wishes for none to perish. – Blessings


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