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Developing a Biblical Worldview


by | Mar 15, 2022


Major on what is Eternal and Minor on what is Temporal

The Barna research group recently did a survey in January 2022, of 600 American parents with children younger than 13. What they discovered is startling: While 67% of parents with children younger than 13 identified as Christians, just 2% of those surveyed subscribed to a biblical worldview. According to the report, a biblical worldview “emerges from accepting the Bible as a relevant and authoritative guide for life.”  

When I read this, I went through a myriad of thoughts and emotions. First, I was struck with horror, followed by grief, sorrow and deep sadness. Then, The Holy Spirit began to fill me with determination to press in, pray, preach and promote Godly, Biblical transformation that will birth revival and awakening in America’s churches, homes and families! Through Him we can change these statistics.

Todd and I stand in awe at times when we hear our teenagers (and other Radiant youth) praying prayers that shake hell and stir our souls. We remark at the level of Biblical wisdom and Truth that comes out of our kids. They are way ahead of where we were when we were their age. Now, please understand that I am not sharing this to brag on our kids, or brag on our parenting. Believe me, we are NOT perfect parents! We do not get it right all the time, and our kids are amazing but they are far from perfect. Yet, one thing we have done right is teaching them God’s Truth and instilling within them a deep devotion to The Word of God as final authority in life. We haven’t arrived by any means, but as the apostle Paul said, “one thing” we have done right is to instill a Biblical Worldview in our kids. And we want that to be true of every parent who is a part of Radiant Church because it matters now and in eternity.

Therefore, as older parents, we speak from a place of experience and want to lovingly and boldly challenge all parents to rise to the challenge of raising up your children to be passionate followers of Jesus Christ. We must be intentional about this, or we will fail. We may have an amazing athlete, a talented dancer, a gifted artist, etc., yet if we major on temporal things to the neglect of eternal things, we will fail in what matters most. Our job is to lead them, guide them, teach them and instruct them when they are young so that when they are older, they will continue on the right path. We cannot control what or how they live when they become adults, but what we do when they are young will impact them towards God or the world. So by all means, let’s major on what really matters in eternity and minor on that which is temporal. 

This is where it begins: Make time in God’s Word a daily priority. Let your kids see you seeking God daily in prayer and in The Word. Gather your family daily for time in God’s Word. When we argue that we are too busy to make time in God’s Word a priority, we are simply too busy. There is nothing more important or more necessary for any of us, than making time for God’s Word. One of the biggest thieves of our time is technology. Devices rob us of what is most important. Simply shutting off the TV and powering down devices, opens up an amazing opportunity for life transforming Truth that will impact our lives for eternity. Our family gathers daily to read the Radiant Word passage for each day. We take turns reading portions of the text and we stop to talk about it, look up cross references, pray and read commentaries on difficult to understand passages. The Spirit Filled Life Bible NKJV with Jack Hayford’s notes and commentary is our favorite Bible. 

Younger families will need to start out with bibles that are more appropriate for young children. We loved the See With Me Bible and the Read With Me Bible when our kids were toddlers. Yet, even then, we would read our Bibles out loud so that they could hear us reading The Word of God. When they were a little older we read The Jesus Story book Bible and others. Ask God to guide you throughout their lives, and start now at whatever age they are at. Nurture and instill a love within them for God’s Word. We must teach our kids that God’s Word is highest priority and His Word is what shapes our views, values and perspective on everything in life. 

Family meals are important and the perfect place to connect with each other on a daily (or at least on a regular) basis. Take time to ask each person about their day and what happened. Talk about God and how His Truth is an important part of everything we experience in our lives and relationships. Deuteronomy 6:7  is a clear instruction from God, concerning His Truths: “Impress them on your children. Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” 

Pastor Todd and I are praying for you and your families as we all continue to fight the good fight of faith together. We are in this with you, we are for you, we believe in you and in God’s power through you to prevail against the strategies of hell. Stand firm in the faith and be rooted in His Truth.

Everyone in The Word Every day.

 Pastor Kelly Hudnall

Written by Kelly Hudnall

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