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Holy Monday


by | Apr 12, 2022

Take a journey with our Lord through Holy Week and let Him transform you and draw you closer to Himself. I will post each day this week and want to invite you to take this time together with us this passion week.
The first day of Holy Week began on Palm Sunday. What a glorious day it was and Palm Sunday speaks so profoundly to us today. If you missed the Palm Sunday message from Radiant this weekend, you will find Holy Spirit giving you fresh insight into that amazing prophetic event that changed everything.
On the Monday before the resurrection…
Jesus went into the temple courts, filled with a righteous indignation (a Holy Rebellion), He drove out those who were involved in wickedness and He overturned the tables of the money changers.
“It is written,” He said the them, “My house will be called a house of prayer, but you are making it a den of robbers.” Matt 21:13
His holy hunger for righteousness compelled Him to speak & stand for Truth. Which was not accepted by the religious leaders of His day. They were indignant over His righteous stand and would not tolerate His voice. They were the cancel culture of that time & they began looking for a way to silence HIm once and for all. They were devising a plan to kill The King of Glory.
On Holy Monday: ask God to fill you with a righteous indignation against the sin and wickedness that destroys the hearts and souls of men. Ask Him to cause you to hate what He hates and Love what He loves. Pray that He will stir up a holy rebellion in the hearts of His people today and that we will take a bold, righteous stand like our Lord to rebel against hell’s strategies in our day.
I pray we will be transformed in His Presence today as we walk with Him.
We will have noon prayer at our Radiant Central campus today. Join us if you are able to.
May The Lord Bless you abundantly as you seek Him.
This is a picture we took a few days ago from the Temple Mount where Jesus would have gone in and overturned the tables.

Eastern Gate

Pastor Kelly Hudnall


Written by Kelly Hudnall

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