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Neighborhood Prayer Walking


by | Jun 22, 2023

Your commitment to pray for your neighbors is going to result in a supernatural transformation that will impact lives both now and in eternity. This is no small mission that you have engaged in. God will be glorified through your prayers, and He will use you to see your neighbors set free from the powers of darkness. You may do this alone, with another person, or in a small group. Begin by praying regularly for your neighbors for two or three weeks, and then as we draw closer to the dates of the tent crusade, you may also extend an invitation to them. You may want to go ahead and get invite cards and have them ready. However, we must always PRAY FIRST.

Begin with this simple prayer and then proceed to do war in the heavenlies with your powerful prayers, praise, and prophetic decrees on behalf of your neighbors:

Lord, give me eyes to see the people all around me and a heart of love that reaches out in prayer and service. Holy Spirit, show me how to pray for my neighbors and empower me to be a witness to them of Jesus Christ. Lord, in Matthew 4:19, You said, “Follow Me, and I will send you out to fish for people.” Teach me Your ways and empower me by Your Spirit to go out and fish for people. Amen.

As you walk through your neighborhood, empowered by the Holy Spirit, you hold the power to bring revival and reformation through your prayers. We have included two prayers that you may want to use or adapt as you begin prayer-walking your neighborhood.

Prayer #1 is a Summarized Prayer as you walk through your neighborhood:
We speak the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth over our lives, family, household, and neighborhood. We decree Your Kingship, King Jesus. Our God reigns over us and over our neighborhood.

As you walk down the street, pray over each house and the members of the household:

We decree over our neighbors: the name that is above every name, the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We (I) speak Jesus over each house on this street. We (I) speak Jesus over (each house number), i.e., 12459, and over the people who live in this home, and I say, “Come alive, in the name of Jesus. Awaken to His calling and His love and be saved.”
We (I) speak the name of Jesus over (house number) 12477. We (I) speak the name of Jesus over the people in this household and against the powers of darkness that are holding them captive. Lord, send your angels to push back the darkness that is keeping them from You. Holy Spirit, remove the blinders and enlighten the eyes of their understanding so they will know You and follow You.
Lord, Stir up a Divine holy hunger in the people at 12495; hunger for You, hunger for righteousness, holiness, and truth, stir up a divine thirst for the living God. We (I) speak the Name of Jesus over the people in this home and call them out of darkness into His light.
We (I) pray over 12513 in the name of Jesus, we (I) speak salvation to this household, and we say come alive. We speak to their spirits in the name of Jesus we say come alive; come alive and run to Jesus. Lord, please work in the details of their lives to bring them to the end of themselves and to the saving knowledge of Jesus.
We (I) speak Jesus over 12531 and over, every person who dwells there. Oh, God, we ask that You would even give them dreams and visions and supernatural divine encounters with You that create and stir up within them a hunger for Your presence, and a desire to know You and to know the truth that will set them free.
We (I) Speak the name of Jesus over 12549, and over all the members of this household, we pray faith will rise up in the hearts of the people who live there. We (I) pray that faith rise up in Jesus Christ as king of kings and lord of lords.
Oh God, bring revival and awakening to the hearts of the people who live on this street. Lord, send your angels to our neighborhood and over our neighbors to drive back the powers of darkness and the spirits of wickedness that have come to harass and torment them, in Jesus’ Name, we (I) pray. Amen.

Prayer #2 is an adapted/extended prayer for your neighbors based on the Lord’s Prayer:

Our Father who art in heaven…
“Heavenly Father, we worship You and exalt Your Name here in our city and in our neighborhood. We love You and are so grateful to know You as God and Father. You are a good Father, and we want everyone in this block to know You as their Father, too. We speak the Name of Jesus over every home and over all the members of each household. Holy Spirit works in the lives of our neighbors to draw them to The Father through the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. We pray for salvation to come to every household, in Jesus’ Name.
Hallowed be thy name…
Lord, we are here to represent Your Kingdom and to lift Your Name. Lord, reveal Your presence to the people on this block in a supernatural way. You have placed us here in this city and this region for Your divine purpose and glory. Therefore, in the authority You’ve given us through Your Name, the Name of Jesus, we claim this territory for Your Kingdom and declare every place the soles of our feet tread upon belongs to You. We overcome by the blood of The Lamb and the word of our testimony. Therefore, we decree that You have given us authority in Your Name, by Your Blood, and according to Your Word, to break off every contract, covenant, and agreement that has been made with the powers of darkness for this neighborhood. It is written, “greater is He Who is in us, than he who is in the world.”
Give us this day our daily bread…
Lord, we pray for the people on this block who are worried about not having enough food, clothing, or shelter. We pray that every need and/or lack that they experience would cause them to look to You. We don’t know what they are lacking and longing for, but we know that You are the Only One Who can meet their every need. We pray that they would turn from dishonest or criminal acts inspired by fear and insecurity and that they would turn to You for their confidence and security. We pray that they would turn from substances and all other sources to find peace and fulfillment in You.
And forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us…
Lord, teach our neighbors about Your forgiveness for all of their sins and Your requirement of forgiving others. Holy Spirit, lead them out of darkness; lead them out of bitterness, pain, anguish, hatred, and despair. We speak freedom through forgiveness over the members of each of these households. Open their eyes to the forgiveness that You extend to them so that they will be set free from the prison of bitterness and pain. We speak freedom from the bondage of hatred, shame, and regret, in Jesus’ name and through His blood.
And lead us not into temptation…
Lord, many of these people are in agonizing difficulties due to mistakes, sins, and the traps of Satan. We are asking you to show them the way out of these problems and into your freedom. Open doors of opportunity to use me and/or other believers to lead them out of bondage. Deliver them from the power of Satan, and free them to live for you. Deliver them from despair and fill them with your hope, in Jesus’ Name.
But deliver us from the evil one…
Father, reveal truth to our neighbors. Open their eyes to see and realize there is a real devil and that he, not other people, is their real enemy. Give them an awareness of the spiritual realm and its impact on their daily lives. Enable them to see the reality of our spiritual battle and lead them to understand that victory over the darkness is through Jesus Christ alone. Holy Spirit, stir up a spiritual hunger inside them and ignite a passion to know The Lord. Bring them to a place of openness and willingness to come to the tent crusade.
For thine is the Kingdom and the power and the glory forever and ever. Amen.
Lord, be glorified in our neighborhood, in our city, and in our state. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit be glorified in our lives and in the lives of our neighbors. Father, send forth Your angels into our neighborhood and around these homes to do battle in the heavenlies against principalities and powers of darkness that have come to steal, kill and destroy. Open up the heavens over these people and these homes, and let the Light of Your glory expel the darkness. Let it be so, Lord!
“Now to him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think, according to the power that works in us, to him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus to all generations, forever and ever. Amen” (Ephesians 3:20-21, NKJV

God has placed each of us strategically in our neighborhood to be salt and light. Please let us know how your prayer walking is going. We would love to hear about your experiences.



Pastor Kelly

Written by Kelly Hudnall

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