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by | Mar 29, 2023

This blog is a very transparent and honest revealing of my heart and I want to ask you to read with grace and humility.

SHOUT! Your shouted praises are your weapons of war! Psalm 149:6
This is the strategic mandate that the Lord continues to speak to me over and over in this current season. While I personally tend to lean naturally towards intimate worship; the Holy Spirit continues to speak to me about God’s specific war strategy for us, for now, in our city and region. While my own reasoning along with the thoughts and feelings of others want to resist this current war strategy; He will give me no peace about pulling back. He has repeatedly instructed me that we are in a 2 Chron 20 moment. Denial or refusal to accept this will be tragic.

This blog is a very transparent and honest revealing of my heart and I want to ask you to read with grace and humility. The Lord has been dealing with us (Radiant) about the need for radical humility and the tearing down of all pride. This strategic direction for the battle we are in has required radical humility on my part; as I have had to lay down my own personal preferences and surrender my own thoughts, feelings and ideas. Realizing that this mandate from Heaven would also require me to go in a direction that would be uncomfortable, unfamiliar and undesired for many, also required another level of radical humility. It is never enjoyable to step out and do what God has called you to do when it causes others to become unhappy with you and with your direction as a leader. The Lord has shown me over and over that we must obey His directives even when they are new, different, uncomfortable and undesired. The moment that a leader chooses to back down and back away from what God has clearly mandated to us; is the moment he/she ceases being a true godly leader. Proverbs 29:25 warns “The fear of man brings a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord shall be safe.”

The Lord has continued to speak in many ways concerning His directive for us in this season of battle. My sense is indeed that this is a season; but if we fail to walk according to His directives, we will not see the victory or the breakthrough we are longing for. There is absolutely no way that I can ignore or cast aside what He has been saying to me for the direction we are to take in spiritual warfare right now. We have a choice: we can do what we have always done, the way we have always done it and just stick with what we are comfortable and familiar with OR we follow Him in obedience even when it doesn’t make sense to our natural minds and our own past experience.

Sunday March 12th God gave me a vision as we enthroned Him with our praises over our lives, our church, our city and region. I saw a mighty army of praise filled warriors marching with us in battle and the Lion of Judah marching with us on the frontline. This scene/vision is one that I will never forget. As we marched with our high, loud, shouted praises into the battle, the Lion roared and I heard these words as clearly as any I have ever heard spoken: WHEN YOU PRAISE I ROAR! Never have I ever heard or read those words anywhere at any time in my life before that moment. Those words were like FIRE that was breathed into my spirit. Interestingly, in the very next worship service at Central Campus, a member of our church family said she saw a vision of a massive lion on the platform with us and as we praised, the lion roared. This woman was not aware of the vision and the word I had received prior to what she saw. Since that time, the Holy Spirit has continued to speak over and over, confirming His Divine direction in this battle.

As we approach Resurrection Sunday (Easter weekend) and the Miracle Meetings with Mario the following weekend, we must be engaged in spiritual warfare. Please join with us in this 2 Chronicles 20 season of taking up the weapon of praise and going to the front lines of battle daily as praise filled warriors. Join us for ROAR Tuesday night at 5:30pm at Radiant’s Central Campus, join us for groups on Wednesday night at every campus, join us for the weekend services Saturday and Sunday for Palm Sunday services. Then we will come together Monday through Friday with Holy Week services every night. Please check the Holy Week schedule for dates, locations, times and services throughout the week. We must come together in greater unity than ever before as praise filled warriors, to see the walls of darkness and spiritual strongholds over our city, state and region come down. SHOUT for He has given us the city! It’s time to bring in the harvest!


Pastor Kelly

Written by Kelly Hudnall

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