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The righteous are as bold as a Lion


by | Feb 1, 2022

This week’s blog is written by Faith Hudnall. We believe you will be inspired, challenged and encouraged by a 16 year old perspective on history and the world/country that she is growing up in. She is a holy rebel warrior for Christ who is rebelling against hell’s strategies with Truth. Below is an assignment that Faith wrote for school and submitted in her history class. Pastor Todd and I were personally inspired by her wisdom and insight and believe this should be shared. Today’s youth are rising up and standing against the hell in their world. They will not be silent. “The righteous are as bold as a lion” Proverbs 28:1. They were born for such a time as this. Please continue to pray daily for this generation of youth as they boldly stand against the darkness with God’s weapons of righteousness and Truth. 

The Burial of the Past by Faith Hudnall:

As the victories and tragedies of the past become buried beneath the latest news headlines, the lessons that are unveiled by their consequences are forgotten. J.R.R Tolkien reveals this painful reality in his book, The Lord of the Rings, when he states, “..things in the past that should not have been forgotten were lost. History became legend. Legend became myth.” This entombment of the past has one central culprit, ignorance. Many people are unaware of the events of history and therefore forfeit the wisdom that history offers. Often times this ignorance of history results from a resistance to hear the truth. People do not want to be confronted with the heartbreaking realities of the past and refuse to face the hard but valuable lessons that they teach. 

An example of history being forgotten is Communism. Communism has been the destruction of a countless number of nations and has resulted in the devastation of millions of lives. The toll Communism has taken on human life is gut-wrenching. The number of regular people (not soldiers) who were murdered by communist regimes are: 1 million in Vietnam, 1 million in Eastern Europe, 1.5 million in Ethiopia, 2 million in North Korea, 2 million in Cambodia, 20 million in the Soviet Union, and 65 million in China (Prager). Although history proves that Communism has miserably failed over and over again, many people in America today still believe that Communism is a beneficial alternative to Capitalism. This example exposes people’s numbness to truth and rejection of the lessons that history teaches us. 

Once people ignore history, they forget it. Once they forget it and its impact, they begin to view it as some sort of legend or myth that no longer applies to our modern world. This way of thinking results in the same devastating mistakes being made over and over again. 


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Closing statements from Pastor Kelly:

“Sounds that soothe have taken the fight out of this generation of youth” 

I happened to see that quote this morning from a text message that Pastor Andres sent me on December 16. I have been pondering it and praying. This is what I hear Spirit of God speaking to me today: Be alert, be awake, steadfast, pressing in and pressing through every enemy line to obtain the prize. The enemy will come in disguised as an angel of light. Do not be deceived! The enemy will come in to try to convince you to take another path. His path will look so appealing and will be so compelling. Your flesh that is weak will long for that path and desire to take the path of least resistance and least opposition. Do not be deceived. We are in a war. Stand firm, stand strong and keep marching into the battle! Keep running into the roar! Your flesh will want to shrink back in fear and cowardice but I have given you authority and I have given you self-control. Take control over your flesh and your carnal nature subdue it and submit to the Spirit of God.

He is raising up an army of warriors. The lion of Judah is roaring and calling all of us out of our places of comfort and soothing sounds, into the fight. Yesterday in prayer I saw in the Spirit an army rising up on every continent. I could see men and women, young and old, and every age in between, rising up and putting their armor on and securely fastening it into place. Sword in one hand shield in the other ready for battle. I wish everyone could see what I saw. I literally could see the globe and the shape of the continents and an army of God rising up on every continent. We are in a war. This is not a time for comfort and soothing words. If we long for comfort and soothing words we will be destroyed by the enemy. It’s time for battle.


Pastor Kelly Hudnall

Written by Kelly Hudnall

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