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It’s Harvest Time


by | Jun 7, 2022

“It’s not a time to back up, back off, or back down…it’s time to press in!” Ron spoke those words in the message this past weekend, and they exploded inside of me. Growing up on a farm in Kansas, I understand harvest time. When the harvest is ripe, it cannot wait. You do not put off bringing in the harvest until it’s more convenient, when you feel like it, or when you don’t have anything else to do. When the fields are white and ready for harvest, everything else goes on hold, and everyone works together to bring in the harvest. In John 4:35, Jesus said, “Don’t you say, ‘Four more months, and then comes the harvest’? Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields! They are white and ready for harvest.”

Jesus is telling us now, “lift up your eyes and look at the fields! They are white and ready for harvest.” The harvest is ready, and the harvest is now! The Lord of the harvest is sending His laborers into the fields. And harvest time is extreme. I remember it well from my youth. It was “all hands on deck.” No one stayed at home, lying on the couch, eating cookies, and staring at a screen. We all had an important job to do and an essential role to play in bringing in the harvest.

Many of us were sent out into the fields from morning till evening, working hard to bring in the harvest. Others drove the trucks back and forth from the fields, gathering the grain and hauling it to the Co-op. While others prepared the meals, fed the workers, cleaned up the mess, and began preparing all over again. We didn’t all have the same job, but we all had an important part to play, and we had to work together.

There was no time for pride, selfishness, apathy, complacency, jealousy, envy, strife, or division. We had a mission to accomplish, and it required unity, selflessness, and commitment. The hours were long, and the workload was great, but we knew it would be worth it, and it couldn’t wait.

Last week our amazing Radiant staff and many church members partnered together with the Road church to host two brunches for approximately 800 pastors and leaders. All week long, we worked unceasingly to prepare the way for the harvest here in our own city of Colorado Springs. The hours were long, the tasks were great, and sleepless nights became the norm. We were all incredibly busy, yet there was great joy, excitement, and anticipation of the harvest. Pastor Andres and I were talking about how there are times in life when we are busy just because there’s so much going on, and it can feel overwhelming. Yet, when you are busy because it’s harvest time, it’s thrilling! That is precisely where we are right now.

The fields are white and ready to be harvested! So let’s go, Radiant family! Let’s come together in greater unity, perseverance, sacrifice, and commitment than ever before. The fields are ripe and ready to be harvested; they cannot wait. We are weeks away from what I believe will be the greatest evangelism crusade to come to our city.

Join us in the harvest now! We have 5:30p intercessory prayer meetings scheduled Monday through Friday at our Radiant North Campus and Tuesday noon prayer at our Radiant Central Campus. You can sign up to bring meals to the Living Proof Ministry Teams (link here). Register to serve in a variety of ways through the Tent Crusade volunteer ministry link (link here). Sponsor a student to attend the Radiant Youth Camp during the crusade (link). Get your teens to camp for a life-changing experience! Hit the streets with the evangelism teams, and let’s invite people everywhere we go to come to the tent. Why? Because they will encounter Jesus in the tent.

It’s harvest time, and we need everyone involved and engaged in this time of extreme evangelism. Believe me; you won’t want to miss out on the most amazing summer of evangelism we have ever experienced.

Pastor Kelly Hudnall

Written by Kelly Hudnall

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