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Just Getting Started


by | Jul 20, 2022

We love our Radiant Family! Pastor Todd and I want to say, thank you to every one of you who prayed, invited, welcomed, served, and participated in what Mario said was the “biggest and best crusade” ever. Mario’s wife, Mechele said, “I wish we could clone you and your church, and have you with us in every city God calls us to.”

Frank Saldana reported that more than 3,500 people answered the altar calls during the Tent Crusade last week! Praise God! Please don’t miss the magnitude of this moment and how God used you to make an impact that will continue into eternity. Please take a moment to watch the short clip from the 11am service last Sunday. You were a part of a great move of God that resulted in a devastating blow to Satan’s kingdom. The testimonies that continue to come in are breathtaking.

Many members of Mario’s team spoke with me throughout the past several weeks, about how much they love our church. We immediately bonded with this small army of Holy Rebel warriors, and together, God used all of us, along with other churches and believers around the city, to make an eternal impact. Thank you Radiant Family, for engaging with us in this holy mission. Doubtless, we made hell furious and the powers of darkness are fighting back. So we must stand firm upon The Word of God– fully clothed in His holy armor and continue to decree the power of the Blood of Jesus against every enemy attack. The weapons may be formed but they won’t prosper (Isaiah 54:17).

The second day of the crusade, our son Luke, had a painful accident that took us away from the crusade tent on Monday. Luke suffered a severe spiral break in his tibia that has resulted in a tremendous amount of pain and immobility. Someday, I will give you all the details of the spiritual battle that surrounded this accident. For now, I will share a small portion of this battle story. After spending 8 hours at the hospital, we finally made it back home with a cast from his toes all the way up, covering more than half of his thigh. He literally cannot move his right leg at all and has to have help with any kind of movement.

Around 12:30am Tuesday, as I prepared snacks for the entire, tired, hungry, Hudnall family, the Lord gave me a powerful revelation. First of all, I do not play chess, but I had a vision or an image flash into my brain, of a chess board and chess pieces. The Holy Spirit conveyed this message to me in an instant: this is war and you are in a real spiritual battle. Similar to a game of chess between Satan and God. Today, Satan made a strategic move against you and your family, that was ultimately an attack against God. Satan made his move but God will make His countermove and God ALWAYS WINS.

This is important for you to hear and understand today. You and I were used by God to make an eternal impact in many lives through this crusade. The tent has gone down and is moving on to the next city, but the move of God will continue here. You and I are called by God to carry the torch of revival fire and continue this move of God. Hell doesn’t give up easily, or back down quietly. We must remain vigilant, alert and standing firm against every enemy attack. Remember: we are fiercely hated by hell, but HE is with us and HE is The Lord. God always wins.

Attacks from the enemy will come at each of us; and when they do, we don’t cower in fear. We don’t back down, back away or retreat. WE RUN INTO THE ROAR of the enemy because the Lion of the tribe of Judah is with us. Do not get discouraged when you feel the enemy firing against you.

This morning The Holy Spirit reminded me that Christians who play it safe and refuse to engage in the battle, make the devil very happy. Those who follow The Lord obediently into the holy rebellion against hell- will get wounded, and be struck by enemy fire at times, but they will not be destroyed. As long as we stand firm, every wound that hell inflicts will only make us stronger, and more determined than ever to rebel against hell’s agenda with God’s artillery. Weapons that are mighty through Him to the destruction of every enemy plan. Stay engaged, stand firm and keep pressing through because the harvest is greater than we can imagine. There is still much more to be done and many more souls to be rescued from the kingdom of hell.

It’s not over, it’s just getting started.

Pastor Kelly Hudnall

Written by Kelly Hudnall

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