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Spiritual Atomic Power


by | Sep 14, 2022

Monday morning, I awakened with an extreme sense of heaviness on my heart. It’s easy to become consumed with all of the evil, corruption, and darkness that is coming at us from every angle. We see the wickedness and the unholy rebellion against God, His Truth, and His people every day. We feel it and hear it in the threats that are hurled against those who still believe in God’s Word and those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Several days ago, I was awakened again with another prophetic dream from The Lord. This dream is for you. Interestingly, I have received many prophetic dreams throughout the past 30 years. However, it has only been in the past 12 months that I have had angels visit me and bring me messages in my dreams. On October 8, 2021, God sent an angel to me in a dream with a message that is shaping me. Since that time, I have had three additional dreams with messengers of The Lord sent to me.

This most recent dream is for you and me; it is for the body of Christ in this hour. This dream was very brief, and the angel was very distinct and clear. I was standing alone and feeling crushed with grief over the devastation in our nation when suddenly I was overwhelmed by a presence behind me. Suddenly, my attention was diverted to the reality of an angelic being behind me at my right shoulder. Reverence and awe brought me to a frozen state as the messenger spoke these words to me: “The reason that Daniel, Hananiah, Azariah, and Mishael were able to stand in Babylon is due to their prayers and fasting.”

This is a message from The Lord to all of us in this hour. We are in a time much like the boys in Babylon in the book of Daniel. The urgency of the hour requires us to respond as Esther and Mordecai in their day. The words of Lou Engle continue to echo in my spirit: “we’ve taught a generation to feast and play, but God is calling on us now to fast and pray.” There are no other options. We need a miracle. America has become modern-day Babylon, and our only hope is Divine intervention that is brought about through prayer and fasting.

Lou shares another prophetic dream in his book, “The Jesus Fast,” in which a spiritual atomic bomb is released through the fasting and prayers of God’s people. This is precisely where we are now at present. It’s time to look away from all of the evil and look into the eyes that blaze with fire, the eyes of our Messiah. It’s time to press into Him in a greater way than ever before. He is calling on us to turn away from everything else that would distract us and press into the heart of our King to see His glory and to see His power unleashed upon a nation that is at the brink of destruction.

This is a fast to break the bonds of wickedness and see hope restored! The next great outpouring of the Holy Spirit that will result in a great harvest of souls is, without a doubt, on the heart of God, and He is calling on us because we have a significant role to play.

Please join with us in this time of prayer and fasting from September 18 through October 8th. We will have several corporate prayer gatherings starting at 5:30 pm on September 19th to October 7th. Monday and Friday nights, we will gather at Radiant North Campus. Tuesday and Thursday nights, we will gather at Radiant Central Campus. Please join us as often as possible for these vitally important prayer gatherings.

Fasting and prayer bring forth a release of God’s atomic power, and that’s what we must have in our nation today.


Pastor Kelly Hudnall

Written by Kelly Hudnall

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